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Make fermented food part of your daily life

Having nutrient and enzyme rich condiments at home is a great start for leading a healthy gut life. We will show you how easy it is to make your own fermented condiments as well as incorporating them to your every day cooking.



Discover the Magic of Miso with Renowned Chef!

FermenStation collaborates with renowned chef Marion Grasby to bring you the secrets of making miso and delicious recipes. Discover the deep flavors and health benefits of miso, and add a new twist to your cooking! Don't miss out on the captivating world of miso that we have to offer!


Warm Your Soul with Miso Congee!

Watch our recipe video to learn how to make comforting Miso Congee, a delicious fusion of creamy rice porridge and savory miso. Nutritious, soothing, and packed with flavor—perfect for any time of day!


Experience the Essence of Japan!

Dive into this video and discover how to make traditional Japanese fish broth soup simmered with fresh ingredients. Rich, nourishing, and bursting with flavor—don’t miss out on this culinary delight!


Experience the Heart of Japanese Cuisine!

Watch our recipe video to master the art of making traditional miso soup. Delicate dashi broth, savory miso come together in this comforting and nourishing classic. Perfect for any meal!

Using Rice Koji

Brew the Spirit of Japan with Doburoku!

Join our recipe video to discover how to make Doburoku, a traditional Japanese unfiltered sake. Rich, creamy, and full of character—experience the ancient art of sake brewing at home!

Fermentation Experiment

Ume Plum Experiment

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For more recipes using fermented ingredients, visit our channel.

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