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Mindful Bliss Collection

Discover the ancient Japanese secret to health and vitality with our organic amazake, puri-φ. Made from fermented rice, this creamy elixir is beloved for its natural sweetness and rich probiotic benefits. Whether enjoyed as a revitalizing morning drink, blended into a nourishing smoothie, or used in baking for a wholesome twist, puri-φ offers a delicious way to boost your well-being every day.

Mindful Bliss Collection

$115.50 Regular Price
$75.08Sale Price
    • 1 original (250ml, 5 servings)
    • 1 turmeric-ginger (250ml, 5 servings)
    • 1 rice berry (250ml, 5 servings)
    • 1 cacao (250ml, 5 servings)
    • 1 additional bottle (250ml, 5 servings), suggested for giving
    • 1 mini art message card
    • 20% off voucher
  • *Extended due to popular demand*

    Unlock a month of mindful indulgence with our curated collection of Puri-φ elixirs. With four unique flavors to tantalize your taste buds and a bonus surprise bottle, you'll enjoy 25 servings of blissful nourishment.

    Whether you keep it all to yourself or share the love, our mini art message card adds a personal touch to your thoughtful gesture. Plus, enjoy 35% off the regular price with our Mindful Giving Campaign. Embrace the joy of generosity and treat yourself or someone special today!

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