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Kioke wooden barrel

Kioke fermentation is a traditional production method with over 400 years of history. There are some barrels in use today that are 100-150 years old. The cedar planks of the barrels are the home to active cultures that develop the traits of soy sauce, miso,sake and pickles.


-Kumpei- Craftsman

Since the wooden barrel is a natural material, it will change over time as you continue to use it, and even if you prepare the same miso, the flavor will be different the first time and the second time.
By continuing to use the wooden barrels over and over again, you will develop a unique bacterial ecosystem, and you will be able to enjoy the differences between each wooden barrel.
A tub made by combining several wooden boards is called a yuioke.If we could connect trees, people and bacteria, people and people, Japan and Australia, and the world. 


There's no commission for us. we don't make any profit because we support kioke craftsman.


Note: Once your order is placed, it will be shipped from Japan, so please wait.

Bigger size will be available.


Kioke wooden barrel

PriceFrom $400.00
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