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Fermenting Miso making Course with chef Yuki


Join Yuki & Yuka in this fermenting miso making course.




Make your own gorgeous, health-giving organic miso under the expert guidance of chef Yuki. Yuki will share his knowledge and love of miso making, and we will each prepare a jar of your own miso using his techniques. While we make the miso Yuki will share tips for cooking with miso, and talk about the importance of koji in the creation of miso and other foods.


You will prepare your miso in your jar, ready for you to take home and patiently age!


Each student will have 1kg of miso made themselves to take home.

This course includes;
- various miso flavours trial.
- authentic Japanese light meal.


No special equipment required. 


Date: Saturday

22 April 2023 10:30-1:30pm




Yuki was born in Hyogo, where there is a great expanse of nature nearby. He grew up having his mother's homemade miso soup every day since he was a child.


It is his mission to bring Japanese medicinal condiments miso to Australians, filled with love and care.

He is excited to share her passion and knowledge of miso making.


Yuka got her health back by having real miso in her diet. This experience has made her passionate about sharing miso -the wonderful health-supporting food of Japan to the people in Australia.

Fermenting Miso making Course with chef Yuki

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