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Noosa Chilli Oil

Explore our award-winning fermented chili oil, a crispy and mouth-watering delight with rich umami notes and savory flavors. This exceptional condiment elevates any dish with its perfect blend of textures and flavors. Proudly awarded the Melbourne Royal Gold Medal, our chili oil promises a gourmet experience like no other. Enhance your everyday cooking with this superb product."


Small batch, handcrafted, 100% natural, organic, fermented.

The voice from the Melbourne Royal Judge.

Aroma-nutty, savoury Palate-texturally interesting. Sweet soft onion, chewy seeds. Great savoury flavours Nice contrasting textures and flavours. Sunflower oil adds flavour. Good texture onion is still sweet, good flavour. Would make an excellent condiment to seafood, interesting textures, and well done on the umami notes.

Noosa Chilli Oil

PriceFrom $19.50
  • Fermenstation's organic Tamari Koji, *Hi-Oleic sunflower oil, *sesame seeds, *chilli, *kelp, love & respect.

    *Certified organic ingredients 

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