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Our story

To build a way of living where we share abundance with others and the earth in order to create a more sustainable life.

Yuki had an opportunity to join a Miso making workshop in 2016. Although Yuki has been a chef of Japanese cuisine for over 18 years, he’s never made Miso by his hands until that time. When he tasted his first handmade Miso, he was shocked by its taste and his soul trembled.

This experience changed our lifestyle from conventional to closer to nature.

It also taught the importance of making food from scratch - which includes getting muddy and growing veggies from seeds .

In 2015-2016, Yuka was mysteriously sick. Every month she had a fever, her glands were swollen all the time. She was catching cold numerous times without any particular reasons.


Luckily, she got an alive Miso at home which was made by Yuki and one day she realised her mysterious illness has been cured by just Miso being reintroduced to her diet. 


Through these experiences, we wanted to share this blessing and beautiful harmony of abundance from nature and Japanese tradition with everyone.


We are convinced that Miso has special medicinal benefits.

We believe that sharing high energy, healthy fermented foods is good for the mind, body, and spirit.

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